Project: http://www.contamema.com

Reach: 26,000 views in a week. 5,000 families enjoyed the app.






We know we all love our moms. But how well do we know them?

For our client Movistar, we proposed an online game of questions and answers, so that in Mother's Day, everyone could know everything they didn't know about their mom. ContameMa.com (tell me mom) became an opportunity to find out about your mother's first love, her favorite music as a teen and which dreams she's still holding on to from childhood.

We recorded a video with real cases of families playing together, and everyone's hearts got touched. It was the country's most successful Mother's Day content online, with more than 26,000 views and more than 5,000 families that played and enjoyed our app.


Snapchat user: MovistarCR

Reach: 15,000 views in it's first month








Movistar sponsors Latin America's most relevant pop awards: Premios Telehit. We were going to send a happy customer to enjoy a full pass to the event... we just needed a funny creative way in which to make it happen.

How could Movistar reach the younger portion of their target users and make a fun online campaign for them? Snapchat! Costa Rica is the second Latin American country with young people using Snapchat, so we created the brand's channel in this social network.

We created a fictitious character called "VJason". He is a clumsy aspiring TV presenter which took control of Movistar's Snapchat channel for a whole month. He created content challenging the young audience to respond with Snapchat videos, and amongst all who participated, a winner was be announced.

The promotion was successful and Movistar's Snapchat content had 600% greater engagement than Facebook's, generated more than 15,000 views and more than 500 young people participated to win.


Facebook: facebook.com/tridentcostarica

Earned media: $120,000

Reach: 3,5 million viewers








Trident's consumers are always on the go. We designed a campaign that acted as a route, a path where Trident would be present in every step they took. Literally.

We left eco-friendly washable graffitis on the main routes used by Trident consumers to create first person awareness about  #EsaEsLaActitud (the right attitude), a brand calling to transform everyday stressful situations into positive experiences. We knew what enthusiasts would do: share them!

Music being central to Trident's consumers, we made a song and videoclip with one of Costa Rica's leading pop bands  "Entre Líneas". The branded video was shot with real flashmobs across the city at the same eco-graffiti spots. 

With top influencers sharing our graffitis on their social networks, we reached more than 3,5 million people in 3 months, making the hashtag #EsaEsLaActitud go viral. The song hit number 1 on the local billboards for 3 weeks. TV shows and music channels aired the video, exposing Trident's content to more than 500,000 people and gaining $120,000 in earned media. Last but not least, we generated a ton of positive attitude all around Central America and the web.


In Costa Rica, Congressman Justo Orozco was appointed to the Human Rights Commission. He was a known homophobic and misogynist politician, which created intense popular opposition. How to channel and work with all that discontent?

As a reaction we created a web app, integrated with Facebook's Open Graph, in which citizens would publish their avatar demanding that the congressman would step down.

More than 2.000 users used the app in the first 24 hours. 6.000 in the first 6 days. 10.000 users in 7 días. 14.000 users 12 days. The app had 48.250 unique visitors in 12 days (12.242 from their mobile devices). #Fuerajustoorozco was trending topic twice in a week.

A value of $65,117 in earned media. It was covered by all major TV stations, Newspapers and Radio stations in Costa Rica.